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Saahil International realises your optimum benefit opportunities and guest preferences better than anyone else. Our aptly sourced products ensure repeat guests and footfalls for you. Our Hotel & Guest Amenities let you stand class apart in the cut-throat competitive environment.

Our presence is in India, Dubai, Hong Kong Hotels & Hospitals and many more verticals already reached. Beginning in 2005, Saahil International spans hospitality and leisure industries worldwide – with an overwhelming range of Products. We harness our capabilities to reach all our customers with the best-in-class merchandise. Customer satisfaction with innovative products is our sustainable growth mantra.

You have ventured into one of the massive hospitality companies in the world. Saahil International has rapidly grown over the years facilitating hotels and hospitals with the best products and solutions. Without a doubt, our exposure in the sectors, across verticals, makes us aware of the growing needs, Lifestyle and FMCG products – thus well-equipped to make them available to you at the click of a button. We have been the most sought-after alternative for the global lodging industry, empowering the operators with the finest range. We are eyeing global, leaving our footprints of quality consciousness and business ethos, in several countries.


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What we Offer

  • Trust & Integrity
  • International Quality
  • Immediate Response
  • Reliability
  • Customer Acceptance
  • Economy
  • Product Customization
  • Commitment & Confidentiality
  • Complete choice of products

Our Philosophy

With an enthusiastic workforce, we have embraced precision and transparency, to deliver effectively. We have widened the horizons with thoughts and ideas, thinking out of the box, for consummate deliverables, for our customers worldwide.

Our judicious approach and prudent strategies, apart from our sensitivity towards community and environment at large, have enabled us to fructify aspirations.
Our fundamentals have been laid strongly to not only give joy to one and all, but also, assure longevity of our existence - as we better ourselves at every stage, based on the response and feedback we get from our customers and associates. Our translucent & ethical practices and buoyancy radiates positivity in approach and methods of functioning.
We value core resource - our People. A long-yearning for utmost competency and skills has been achieved by us, embracing the best workforce, communications, logistics management and client servicing, which is testimony to our customer satisfaction all along the way. Over the years, we have developed, nurtured and retained our manpower for uncompromised, sustained quality products and services.
The future is envisaged today, and resources to support have been entrenched completely to meet the needs, with highly energetic temperament. Moreover, as an organisation, we have inherited business ethos and the prowess to perform and deliver, which we intend to pass-on to the next generation, leaving as a bequest to them. Also, care for the community, extending valuable aptitude, time and resource.
It also defines our outlook and disposition that enthuse our customers, which is immensely transmittable to everyone we connect to. Akin to our uprightness - is our credentials that have been the cornerstone to our existence thus far, which emanates from our compassion towards the environment, and being resolute and eco-friendly.


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Saahil International,
128, Neha Industrial Estate,
Opp.Tata Steel, Duttapada Road,
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